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Oahu & Honolulu Homes for Sale Advanced Search

Details: Find Oahu homes for sale with our easy to use MLS search. From homes for sale in Honolulu to luxury real estate in Kahala, easily find what you're looking for. If you have questions on any of the homes for sale listed on our site or would like a private …

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Kahala Homes & Condos for Sale Kahala Real Estate

Details: Many Kahala condos are also for sale, both as residences and rental investments. The average price for a condo is roughly $600K, although much depends on size, location, and building amenities. For those looking for investment opportunities, the rent on …

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Ko Olina Homes & Condos for Sale Ko Olina Real Estate

Details: Ko Olina Homes and Condos for Sale - MLS Search. Ko Olina is a master planned community, designed to be the most beautiful and enjoyable neighborhood on Oahu. A mix of vacation rentals and residential homes, Ko Olina boasts facilities and …

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Aiea Homes & Condos for Sale Aiea Real Estate

Details: Aiea Homes and Condos for Sale - MLS Search. Aiea, on the western edge of Honolulu, is a neighborhood bordering Pearl Harbor Naval Base. The area has been occupied since the 15th century, and was originally farmland for the native population.

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Ewa Beach Homes & Condos for Sale Ewa Beach Real Estate

Details: Ewa Beach Homes and Condos for Sale - MLS Search Ewa Beach is located along the leeward coast of Oahu in Hawaii and has become a popular spot for those looking for affordable homes. The word ewa means ill-fitting and comes from the myth that the …

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North Shore Homes & Condos for Sale North Shore Real Estate

Details: Shops and equipment rentals are also available, with a variety of surf shops centrally located. North Shore Real Estate is a mix of affordable, middle class housing, and ultra-luxurious mansions. Be prepared to spend at least $500K for a single family home on …

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Waikiki Homes & Condos for Sale Waikiki Real Estate

Details: Waikiki Homes and Condos for Sale - MLS Search. Waikiki is more than just a beautiful beach swarming with tourists. This vibrant, diverse community, once home to Hawaiian royalty, includes some residential areas as well, with great opportunities for individuals …

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Niu Valley Homes for Sale Niu Valley Real Estate Listings

Details: Many of the homes in the area are facing the beachfront. The prices for homes for sale in Niu Valley vary in price but are usually in the range of $1 million to $3 million. There is a limited number of homes available in the area due to this being a popular area.

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Hawaii Real Estate News Oahu Real Estate List Blog

Details: The real estate market is extremely expensive, but that money gives some of the best oceanfront views on any island. The homes are far enough away from downtown to be quiet and comfortable, but it is only a few minutes to drive to get to …

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Oahu & Honolulu Condos for Sale Search

Details: SC Realty 822 Halekauwila Street Honolulu, HI 96813 Lee International properties 1585 Kapiolani Blvd. Ste. 1206 Honolulu, HI 96814

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