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Lease Options and Lease Purchases

Details: 2:31 Defining Lease Option and Lease Purchase . 4:20 Lease payments should not reduce purchase price.. 6:30 Rent payment as credit on purchase.. 8:23 Include statement in lease that rental payments are not down payments.. 11:06 Identifying tenets/buyers properly . 11:36 Don't include option agreement as part of lease. Option fee should be reasonable.

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Establish an LLC for Your Properties

Details: Establish an LLC for Your Properties. An LLC is a smart and easy way to create separation between your properties and “you”. Without this separation, you and the assets in your name, such as other (non-homestead) properties, vehicles, wages, and investment accounts, can be targeted in a lawsuit.

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Residential Lease Options and Lease Purchases

Details: Rent-to-own programs can be attractive to buyers, especially those who expect to be in a stronger financial position within a few years.This webinar will distinguish between the structure of a residential lease with an option to purchase and a residential lease with an agreement to purchase, and will also cover pitfalls, considerations, and recommendations for the parties to these agreements.

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Lease Purchase vs. Lease Option

Details: Although not typically successful, a tenant may assert an ownership interest in the subject property, which is grounded in the idea that a Lease Purchase or Lease Option is essentially the equivalent of a sale, similar to an installment land contract (or contract for deed), whereby the seller retains title to the property as security until the

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Real Property Ownership in an LLC

Details: This contradicts the common misconception that one can sell the company holding the real estate and avoid capital gain. Sales of an LLC interest generally do not terminate the LLC for tax purposes. However, an LLC will terminate for tax purposes if there is a sale or exchange of 50 percent or more of the total interests in LLC capital and

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Real Property Ownership in an LLC

Details: By contrast, individual ownership of real estate permits creditors the ability to lien the real estate pursuant to valid legal claims against the individual owner. If seeking to purchase real estate in the name of an LLC, the additional expenses required to form, maintain, and organize the LLC should be …

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Buying, Protecting and Tracking Rental Properties

Details: 2:16 Buying rental property.. 2:57 Importance of legal protection when acquiring rental property. Forming an LLC for your properties. 6:00 Why you should not put a new property under an existing LLC.. 11:12 Converting current home into rental property.. 14:48 Tracking your new rental property expenses.. 16:53 Short term rental legal: taxes and management companies.

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Individual Income Tax

Details: However, it is not calculated based on income from a business or the sale of property related to a business. It is also based on the lesser of the taxpayer’s net investment income or adjusted gross income in excess of $200,000 ($250,000 for a married couple or $125,000 for married couple filing separately).

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International Law: Buying in Florida

Details: According to the National Association of Realtors, Florida has the most significant number of foreign real estate investors in the U.S., with 41% purchasing vacation homes, 25% making a dual-use purchase (vacation home/rental property) and 23% investing in rental property. What Foreign Buyers Need to Know About Purchasing Real Estate in Florida

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For Sale By Owner Contract Considerations

Details: If you’re looking for a new home or if you are a Realtor and have clients actively looking, you’ve likely come across homes that are for sale by owner. What that means is the home owner is attempting to sell their home on their own without the help of a real estate agent.

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Tax Representation before the IRS

Details: Sales and Use Tax applies to the sale, rental, lease, or license to use goods, certain services, and commercial property in Florida. Also, short term residential rentals are subject to sales tax as well.

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Sales & Use Taxes and Tourist Development Tax

Details: Individual counties may impose local option transient rental taxes on rentals or leases of accommodations in hotels, motels, apartments, rooming houses, mobile home parks, RV parks, condominiums, or timeshare resorts for a term of six months or less.

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Flood Insurance Rates Impact Florida Real Estate

Details: Flood Insurance Rate Increase Impacts SW Florida Real Estate Purchases Buyers considering the purchase of a coastal Florida home need to be aware of recent changes in flood insurance coverage. Properties located in designated flood zones V, A (except AR and A99) or D are facing significant flood insurance rate increases over 2012 rates due to

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Forming Your Business

Details: Forming Your Business. Everyone engaging in business should consider forming an LLC at some point. An LLC is not necessarily for a typical business and business owner. Here are several examples of less than typical scenarios in which an LLC will save you money …

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National Association of Realtors Flood Insurance Update

Details: The bill will not benefit only million dollar beach houses whose values far exceed the $250,000 coverage limit; middle class families whose homes values fall below this limit need a way to insure their property against flooding.

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Coronavirus Relief Resources for U.S. Business Owners

Details: For 120 days after the enactment of this legislation, landlords would be prohibited from initiating legal action to recover possession of a rental unit or to charge fees, penalties, or other charges to the tenant related to such nonpayment of rent where the landlord’s mortgage on that property is insured, guaranteed, supplemented, protected

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Foreign Nationals and the New FIRPTA Compliance

Details: An exception to the withholding requirement applies to sales of real property where the sales price does not exceed $300,000 if the purchaser intends to make personal use of the property as a residence for at least fifty percent of the time the property is in use, for at least two consecutive 12-month periods following the date of purchase.

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What Working Parents Need To Know

Details: Millions of families find that they need two wage-earners in order to buy a home, pay the rent, go on vacations or simply, maintain the family budget. In most communities, two-working-parent families are the norm in American Society.

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Is Your Business Growing

Details: Overhead — rent, utilities, office supplies, computer software Administrative — training, payroll taxes, commercial insurance (such as workers' compensation and liability) This is by no means a complete list of the costs associated with hiring an employee, but you can see how the additional considerations can add up in the long run.

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Webinar: COVID-19 Tax and Loan Programs Overview

Details: With the constantly evolving COVID-19 relief programs, Koontz & Associates, PL and Koontz & Parkin, CPAs will be hosting a free webinar every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 AM to keep you updated on tax and small business disaster recovery programs.

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