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Breach of Warranty in the Sale of Real Property: …

Details: negotiating the sale of the house, Healy told plaintiff Johnson that "the house was made of the best material, that he had built it, and that there was nothing wrong with it."'2 Relying on these representations, plaintiff purchased the house for $17,000. Because of the improper fill, the house

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Hedonic Price and Travel Cost Estimation of Stripmine

Details: property value, the home values are converted into a yearly rental equivalent. Assuming a mortgage rate of 8 % , the rental equivalent can be calculated as follows: rent equivalent = (house value) (0.08) + lease rate. HPM Model Specification The hedonic price function for the model developed for this study can be expressed as:

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, AP ~Calculating Depreciation on Farm Property Acquired

Details: * Twenty-year property includes general farm buildings such as machine sheds and hay barns. * Twenty-seven-and-a-half-year property includes residential rental property and mobile homes. * Thirty-one-and-a-half-year property Includes other depreciable real property such as office buildings, motels, retail stores, etc.

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Who’s Invested in Their Neighborhoods

Details: new highs in the amount of unsold homes (Arestis 2008). As the housing bubble burst and more owners defaulted on their loans, foreclosures increased. If the foreclosure in question was a rental property, tenants were forcibly evicted in many cases (Johnson 2010). In …

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Details: permitting the payment of debts in personal property or real estate.20 The years 1783-1789 were filled with stay laws.21 The legislative frolic of the States was the cause of the insertion of the Impairment clause into the con-stitution of the United States. The …

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Spleen for Sale: Moore v. Regents of the University of

Details: sale of body parts and how both have developed over time. Section IV then reviews contemporary case law dealing with property rights in body parts and looks at the conflicts which currently exist between state and federal statutes dealing with the sale of body parts. Section V turns to the moral, ethical, and

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Civil Rights: A New Public Accommodations Law for Ohio

Details: ing house, barbershop, public conveyance by air, land, or water, theater, store, or other place for the sale of merchandise, or any other place of public accommodation or amusement, where the accommodation, advantages, facilities or privileges thereof are available to the public.

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Bike Path Valuation Methodology: An Approach to Secure …

Details: the University of Delaware found that houses within 50 meters of a bike path showed a value increase of $8,800 over a comparable house given their regression (Racca, 2006). This study was slightly smaller with 909 houses, but still quite significant. This data illustrates the concept that many people would prefer to live near a bike path.

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Power-Primed with ROCKET FUEL

Details: Skates for Sale and to Rent Private or Class Instruction 18 Hole, Par Three Golf Course 15 COLUMBUS 8, OHIO Longines Oij [o Automatic, L4K gold waterproof* case. $¥.eep second hand. $195. SOLD nND SERYJCED BY MOii£ TH"A.N 4{)0U I,'£ADl,\G JEWelERS If/HO PROUDLY DfSPUY THIS J,;MB.lElri 75 Tee Dr;v;ng Range ll

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